Space Power Management

Moog supplies unique packaging solutions for telemetry hardware and Power Distribution Units (PDU) for launch vehicles and satellites, allowing end users to effectively manage their programs on the ground, during launch and on-orbit. Solutions include: Power Distribution and Control Avionics, High Voltage Systems, EMI/EMC Compatible Systems, High Speed Data Acquisition, Thermal or Lithium Ion Batteries.

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Launch Vehicle Applications

Reconfigurable Integrated Battery

Moog has a modular single string and redundant commercial energy storage system that is ideal for launch vehicle applications requiring thrust vector or control surface actuation solutions.

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Remote Power Stage

The Remote Power Stage (RPS) offers two channels of motor drive control while pulse width modulating up to 280V of bus voltage. The RPS allows for feedback and control circuit pass through via a 28V common bus. The box is sized to maximize application of core IGBT module in a sealed enclosure.

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Satellite Applications

Modular Electric Power System (MEPS)

The MEPS is a hybridization of batteries and ultra-capacitors. The power system architecture optimizes the benefits of the individual technologies while still fulfilling system requirements and maintaining a small form factor. 

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