Power Management

Moog supplies unique packaging solutions for telemetry hardware and Power Distribution Units (PDU) for launch vehicles and satellites, allowing end users to effectively manage their programs on the ground, during launch and on-orbit. Solutions include: Power Distribution and Control Avionics, High Voltage Systems, EMI/EMC Compatible Systems, High Speed Data Acquisition, Thermal or Lithium Ion Batteries.

Modular Electric Power System (MEPS)

MEPS allows ultra-capacitors to be connected to a power system to function as an electric accumulator. MEPS is agnostic to the upstream energy system, but has focused its early development leveraging the use of lithium ion batteries. In this form, MEPS is a hybridization of batteries and ultra-capacitors. The intent of architecting a power system in this manner is to optimize the benefits of the individual technologies while maintaining a small form factor and fulfilling the total system need.

Hydraulic & Pneumatic Power Systems

The performance and reliability of a low-cost hydraulic blowdown system for launch vehicles (ELVs) meets and exceeds the performance objectives for SRBs. Pump options include:

  • Variable displacement pumps
  • Fixed displacement pumps


Programs: ATK GEM60 SRB