470 Toroidal Fluid Swivel

The Model 470 is a multi-pass Toroidal Fluid Swivel (TFS) which allows continuous rotation of multiple small bore fluid channels. These are commonly used for hydraulic fluids for controls, transfer of chemicals used in production, such as methanol and scale and corrosion inhibitors and gases (nitrogen, plant and instrument air, vents). Inter-pass mixing is prevented through the use of double seals and an intermediate drain between passes.

Passage sizes from ¼” to 2 ½” are typical. Our patented multi-housing design allows the Model 470 to accommodate a large number of passes (Patent No. US 7,083,200 B2). Most port types can be accommodated; SAE and medium pressure thread & cone are typical. Typical maximum pressure rating is 15 000 psi [1040 bar]. Higher pressure ratings are available. Ports are sealed with SS plugs or caps to ensure cleanliness during shipping and storage.

All products can be modified to meet specific requirements. Installation, commissioning and service is available.

All Moog Focal 400 Series products are intended for use in swivel stacks of Floating Production Systems (FPS). They are well suited for any application requiring a product that can withstand harsh marine conditions or require long life with minimal maintenance intervals. Designed and manufactured in our ISO 9001 facility under our project management system, products have a two year warranty and are provided with a complete document package.


  • Custom configured
  • ¼” – 2½” ports
  • Corrosion resistant materials, 316 and duplex SS
  • Rated to 15 000 psi [1040 bar]
  • Sealed bearings eliminate the need for periodic service
  • Available with a hollow bore for use with electrical and optical swivels


  • Piping/tubing/hoses
  • Fittings
  • Bearing grease fittings



Technical Support

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