491 Conduit System

FPS Swivels

The Model 491 Cable Conduit System is designed for routing electrical and optical cables through high temperature areas. Cables used in FPS swivels are being exposed to ever increasing temperatures, at times over 100°C. Multi-core cables are generally not available for use at these temperatures. Individual cable elements are available for high temperatures. The conduit system provides the necessary physical protection.

The conduit is a flexible stainless steel tube with fittings at each end. The fittings are typically certified flameproof glands, suitable for use with individual conductors.

The conduit system is usually supplied as part of a swivel, in which case it will be hazardous area certified as part of that swivel certification. Ingress protection is IP66/IP68-20 m. As such, it is suitable for ingress protection for cables run below the waterline or in the vicinity of harsh chemicals. It is also suitable as mechanical protection for unarmoured cables or hoses.

All Focal 400 Series products are intended for use in Floating Production Systems (FPS). They are well suited for any application requiring a product that can withstand harsh marine conditions or require long life with minimal maintenance intervals. Designed and manufactured in our ISO 9001 facility under our project management system, products have a two year warranty and are provided with a complete document package.

All products can be modified to meet specific requirements. Installation, commissioning and service is available. Contact our FPS swivel experts for details.


  • 316 stainless steel
  • Hazardous area certified as part of a swivel certification
  • ABS Certificate of design assessment
  • IP66 / IP68-20 m
  • Temperature depends on wire / fiber used


  • Custom conduit size
  • Custom lengths