Swivels for Marine Renewables

Mooring systems used in marine renewables and offshore wind applications benefit from the integration of a Focal mooring swivel. Focal swivels enable the continuous transfer of power, signals and media from the rotating side of the device (power generating device heading) to the geostationary side of the system (export cable on seabed) to allow un-restricted rotation.



  • Medium voltage units at 6.6kV, 13.8 kV, 33 kV.  Designs demonstrated to 145 kV
  • Transfer of electrical and optical signals
  • Simultaneous transfer of multiple fluids and gasses with leakage collection option
  • Designed to withstand harsh environmental load cases
  • Ingress protected to IP 66 (water spray) or IP 68 (seawater immersion)
  • Suitable for small oscillations and continuous rotation
  • Condition monitoring and data logging available
  • Optical multiplexing and media conversion available


  • Allows an unrestricted, passive heading position
  • Reliable, continuous power, signal and media transfer across the rotary interface
  • Engineering support to accommodate design integration
  • Commissioning and service support