Ion Thruster Gimbal

Moog developed a gimballing mechanism designed to provide thrust vectoring with limited range of motion for Hayabusa’s Ion thrusters compatible with electric propulsion technology. The amount of mass the gimbal is designed to carry from Earth to space is significantly large compared to the allocated weight budget of the gimbal.



Key Features:

  • Light weight 
  • 15 year on-orbit design life
  • High resolution and accuracy 
  • Dual axis gimbal actuated by linear actuators for cross axis positioning capabilities 
  • High reliability space qualified stepper motor’s with lead-screw actuation for positioning


Physical Characteristics


16 x 16 x 7 inches
Weight  < 31 lbs (including launch locks)
Payload Weight 44 lbs
payload Size 24 x 24 inches


Total Rational Range of Travel ±5˚ in both X and Y axes
Angular Resolution 0.00047˚/step
Angular Velocity 0.07˚/sec minimum
Angular Accuracy < 0.08˚
Operating Temperature Range -20˚ to +80˚C


Power Requirements
Power Consumption < 5 watts max. per actuator/axis @ ambient with 290 mA current


Related Markets


Moog has designed and manufactured components and systems for satellites and launch vehicles for more than 60 years.

Spacecraft Technologies

Moog is a proven leader in components, subsystems, and systems for spacecraft of all sizes, from smallsats to GEO spacecraft. Moog has been successfully providing spacecraft controls, inspace propulsion, and major subsystems for science, military, and commercial operations for more than 60 years.