Type 33 Biaxial Gimbal Assembly

The Type 33 Biaxial Gimbal is of a size appropriate for many antennas, and it has become by far our most popular Antenna Pointing Mechanism configuration. Available in either Elevation/Azimuth or X/Y, these units have proven their reliability and versatility many times over. Each actuator of the gimbal can incorporate RF and cable management capabilities. The actuators are based on Moog’s heritage Type 3 actuator design having significant on-orbit experience with customized mechanical and electrical interfaces.

The gimbals can incorporate a wide range of options; Launch locks, caging mechanisms, cable management systems, position sensors and waveguide brackets/ mounting features are some examples of the options available to the designer. Please contact Moog engineers for assistance when evaluating options for your application. 


Key Features:

  • Compact two-axis gimbal
  • Can accommodate RF coax rotary Joints or waveguides
  • High resolution and fine pointing
  • Can accommodate launch locks, caging mechanisms and cable management systems
  • Configurable in El/Az or X/Y cross axis configurations
  • Actuated by space qualified Moog Type 3 actuators



Characteristic Units      Basis          Data               

Output Step Angle*

Degrees Standard 0.009375
Steps/Revolution* - Standard 38,400
Harmonic Drive Ratio* - Standard 160:1
Output Step Rate* Step/Sec (Deg/Sec) Maximum 400 (3.75)
Power*  Watts Nominal 10
Inertial Capability* Slug ft2 Typical 25
kg-m2 Typical 34
Output Torque* lb-in Typical 150
N-m Typical 17
Holding Torque Powered* lb-in Typical 300
N-m Typical 34
Unpowered* lb-in Typical 80
N-m Typical 9.0
Torsional Stiffness in the AZ-EL Plane lb-in/rad Typical 150,000
N-m/rad Typical 16,950
Perpendicular to Plane lb-in/rad Typical 110,00
N-m/rad Typical 12,428
Output Flange Load Capability Axial lb Maximum 420
N Maximum 1,868
Transverse lb Maximum 420
N Maximum 1,868
Moment lb-ft Maximum 150
N-m Maximum 203
Total Assembly Weight lb Typical 9.6
kg Typical 4.4


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