Type 3/5 Solar Array Drive Assembly

The single axis Type 3/5 Solar Array Drive Assembly (SADA) is based on the Type 3 Rotary Incremental Actuator with a Type 5 sized output comprised of a Harmonic Drive gear transmission and output duplex pair. This standard SADA has been used in many different applications to meet mission requirements and can be customized to fit varying interface parameters and power transfer requirements. All the represented Type 3/5 SADA designs are configured with Harmonic Drive gear sets, potentiometers for position sensing and a slip ring assembly for power transfer.


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  • Design is based on Moog Type5 rotary output stage
  • Integrated slip ring assembly for power and data transfer is mounted on the rear of the actuator
  • Integrated potentiometer position feedback
  • Low weight
  • Zero backlash
  • Slip ring assembly capable to 6A derated current for power circuits


Description  Value

Motor Winding Resistance

72 Ohms phase-to-phase
Potentiometer Resistance 5000 Ohms +/-10%
Output Step Size 0.0075˚ 
Output Torque >400 lb-in
Unpowered Holding Torque >200 lb-in
Powered Holding Torque >500 lb-in
Operating Temperature Range -30°C to +60°C
Mass <11 lbs
Slip Ring Complement 26 Power @6A, plus 10 Signal @1A

Slip Ring Contact Resistance

Description  Value


<60 mOhms
Signal <160 mOhms

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