Industrial robots are at the heart of the manufacturing process when automation is the key driver. Robots provide increased productivity while maintaining high quality output. Operating costs are reduced and flexibility is added to the process so that multiple tasks are accomplished.

Typical Applications

  • Robotics arms
  • Pick and place 
  • Sensors 
  • Semiconductor wafer equipment 
  • Powered prosthetics 

Many unique robots are finding their way into our workplaces and daily lives. 

Highly Reliable and Efficient

Moog's motors and slip ring have the key high performance characteristics to meet the robot's requirements.  For example, the Silencer®series fractional horsepower brushless DC motors allow the robot's axis to accelerate rapidly, while maintaining low audible noise. Moog's slip rings are used in robots when electrical power and data are transferred from its rotating parts to a stationery unit.

An Array of Solutions

Additional Moog products may be used in robotic applications.