Aircraft Electromechanical Actuators

Moog has more than three decades of experience designing and producing Linear and Rotary EM actuators for aerospace applications.  Our portfolio of products includes Fractional and Integral horsepower actuators with off-the-shelf, tailored and fully custom solutions to meet unique application requirements.

Our actuation products are used to:

  • Move flight surfaces
  • Stabilize and aim rotating devices
  • Steer antennas 
  • Extend and retract landing gears
  • Open and close cargo doors
  • Provide control for various utility applications

For high precision applications we have a family of standard actuators  featuring rare-earth brushless servomotors, integral planetary gears and smart servo controllers with integral position control.  For simpler utility applications we have a family of actuators featuring DC motors, spur gears analog amplifiers and external position control.

Integral Horsepower EM Actuators

High performance custom and semi-custom solutions for mission critical applications.

Fractional Horsepower EM Actuator

Broad offering of standard, tailored and custom linear and rotary actuator solutions for mission critical and utility applications.