Electromechanical Actuation

Moog's capabilities in electromechanical actuation (EM) are proven in challenging applications that push the bounds of today's technologies. From Aircraft to Space to Defense to Industrial applications, Moog has a depth of expertise in the design as well as the manufacture of electric products.  Due to our in-house manufacturing of core building blocks such as actuators, controllers, servodrives, and servomotors that are contained in sophisticated actuation systems, Moog can work with customers to provide solutions that are specialized to the exact needs of the customer. 

Electromechanical Actuation Applications


101-50_EM Spoiler for 787

Moog offers integral and fractional horsepower EM actuators for a variety of aircraft applications. Fractional horsepower actuators are available with integral loop closure electronics.

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Moog's defense actuators are designed to meet and exceed the demanding requirements of modern main battle tanks.  The features include built-in equilibrator for high unbalanced weapons, rollscrew linear output, brushless DC motor and a 24 volt clutch and maintenance motor for remote operation.

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Moog's range of Standard and Flexible Electric Linear Servoactuators are the ideal solution for high performance industrial applications that need maximum speed and force. Packages combining an electric linear servoactuator, servodrive and integrated software are engineered to work together for optimum performance. Moog also offers specialized actuators for industries such as flight simulation, test and oil and gas exploration.

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Multi-purpose actuators and servoactuators can be used for a variety of high-performance applications and are standard building blocks used in a variety of systems. Moog designs, develops, qualifies and manufactures rotary and linear actuators and servoactuators for military aircraft, target drones and unmanned air, land and sea vehicles.

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