Multi-Purpose Actuators and Servoactuators

Multi-purpose actuators and servoactuators can be used for a variety of high-performance applications and are standard building blocks used in a variety of systems.

Moog designs, develops, qualifies and manufactures rotary and linear actuators and servoactuators for demanding industrial applications, military aircraft, target drones and unmanned air, land and sea vehicles. 

Rotary Actuators

rotary actuator

Moog's rotary actuators and servoactuators utilize brush type DC motors using both Alnico and rare earth magnets. These units have been designed with a separate or imbedded analog or digital amplifier, spur gearing and potentiometers as feedback devices. Typical applications include UAV, RPV, target drones and utility aircraft applications.

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Linear Actuators - Fractional Horsepower

Linear actuators translate rotary motion into linear motion. Typically, they have  similar features and applications as rotary units.  

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Product Relocation

Actuator manufacturing has relocated from Springfield, PA, to Blacksburg, VA.

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