Servo Actuators for Automotive and Aerospace Test Applications

Multi-purpose Actuators and Servo Actuators can be used for a variety of high-performance applications and are standard building blocks used by many product engineers in the Automotive and Aerospace test industry.

For the Automotive industry, make your tests more reliable and effective with Multi-Axis Test Systems, Test Controllers, and Simulation Tables using the latest Moog actuation technologies. 

For Aerospace testing customers, expand your test rigs and increase test accuracy, while keeping the tested specimen totally safe.


Explore Moog High-Performance Actuation Technologies Available for the Automotive and Aerospace Test Industry

Electrohydraulic Servo Actuators

Moog has vast experience developing electrohydraulic actuators for some of the world’s most demanding applications. OEM and end-user customers who need hydraulic-powered solutions for their high performance motion control systems rely on Moog for the ultimate in reliability and performance.

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Electromechanical Servo Actuators

Our range of Standard and Flexible Electromechanical Linear Servo Actuators are the ideal solution for high performance industrial applications that need maximum speed and force while supporting sustainable and efficient operations. Packages combining an electric linear servo actuator, servo drive and integrated software are engineered to work together for optimum performance.  

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Electrohydrostatic Servo Actuators

Electrohydrostatic Actuators are available an essential package component of self-contained hybrid actuation systems. These Electrohydrostatic Actuation Systems, or EAS, are often referred to as “power by wire" systems. These configurations are available in many customized solutions and combine the best-of-both-worlds from electromechanical and electrohydraulic actuation technologies. 

Customers who are continually moving toward electromechanical actuation in pursuit of energy efficiency and environmental cleanliness while maintaining the high power density of electrohydraulic actuation, will find Moog Electrohydrostatic Actuators and systems an ideal solution.

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