Linear Actuators

Discontinuation of Multi-Purpose Actuators & Servoactuators Effective March 31, 2020

Moog multi-purpose actuators and servoactuators will be discontinued, effective March 31, 2020. To place an order before this date, or for more information, click here

Multi-Purpose Actuators and Servoactuators Discontinuation Notification Letter

Linear actuators translate rotary motion to linear motion. They have the same features and similar applications as rotary units. This actuator configuration is used to control linear motion. It utilizes high performance DC motors coupled to high efficiency gearing. A ball screw or lead screw / nut assembly is typically used to translate the rotary to linear motion. It typically integrates a position transducer and fail safe brake in a robust structural design. Moog can couple the actuator with position loop servo control electronics. We can also offer the actuator with redundancy through the motor and feedback device.

Model Size (inches) Force (lbs) Stroke Weight Power
868 10.17 x 2.75 x 4.95 150 lbs +/-
450 lbs @
13 Hz Rated
0.81 in 7 lbs
28 VDC
973 3.25 x 3.56 x 11.17 350 lbs Rated
1,120 lbs Stall
4.50 in 6.3 lbs 28 VDC
974 3.88 x 4.75 x 14.75 1,500 lbs Rated 7.25 in 8.1 lbs 28 VDC
981 2.50 x 4.05 x 14.00 10 lbs Rated
30 lbs Stall
±.65 in 4.75 lbs 28 VDC