Model 820 Rotary Servo Actuator

Model 820 Rotary Actuator

The Model 820 is one of our most versatile actuators, offering integral servo electronics and multiple communication interfaces.

Operating Temperature -40° to +71° C
Storage Temperature -65° to +85° C
Operating Altitude Range Up to 50,000 ft
Weight 1.2 lb max
No Load Speed @ 28 VDC 180° / sec

Details, Features, Product Specifications

The Model 820 is a high performance rotary servo electromechanical actuator designed for extreme conditions and utilizes a brushless DC motor as its prime mover within the product. This actuator is used for surface positioning, throttle control and other utility functions on UAV and aerospace platforms. The actuator has been chosen to support new and existing programs.


  • Small size and weight
  • Power compatibility - 28 VDC buss
  • Power point - up to 230 deg/sec at 60 in-lbs
  • Torque output - up to  150 in-lbs
  • Brushless permanent magnet motor design
  • Position and torque limiting
  • High accuracy film transducer
  • Position output signal / feedback
  • Operates with various command inputs
  • Low backlash design
  • Stroke or displacement up to ±45 degrees, Moog will evaluate higher angular performance requirements as needed
  • High efficiency steel gearing


  • Robust structural design
  • Mechanical stops
  • Low weight to power performance
  • Customizable


  • Unmanned air vehicles — Unmanned air vehicles — tactical, medium altitude, long endurance (MALE), and high altitude long endurance (HALE) vehicles
    - Flight control surface actuation
  • Optionally piloted air vehicles (OPV)
  • Utility actuation — throttle control, doors, spoilers
  • Electric aircraft, eVTOL, eSTOL, air taxis and urban air mobility vehicles — tilting mechanism, flight control, landing gear



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