Model 935 Rotary Servo Actuator

Model 935 Rotary Actuator

The Model 935 is one of the highest performance rotary servo actuators available on the market. We offer this actuator with a digital and analog communications interface.  Also, we can customize the actuator to provide up to ±90 degree angular excursion in a slightly longer package. These options allow our customers flexibility based upon the architecture in the system to have a drop-in servo actuator.

Operating Voltage 21 to 32 VDC
Operating Temperature Range -40° to +71° C
Operating Altitude Range -1,500 to +65,000 ft
Weight 3.7 - 3.9 lbm max

Product Specifications


  • Integrated position servo loop control with either analog or digital communications
  • Non-jamming mechanical stops
  • 4 stage spur gear train assembly
  • Stainless steel output shaft, 0.5 inch SAE spline
  • Brushlesspermanent magnet motor design
  • High temperature capability
  • Electronic stops limit input command
  • NTC thermistor in motor for temp sensing of motor windings
  • Outputs for current, velocity and temperature telemetry
  • Signal interface is digital RS-485 electrical protocol
  • Thermal management option available for high altitude application


  • Robust structural design
  • Mechanical stops
  • Low weight to power performance
  • Customizable


  • Unmanned air vehicles — tactical, medium long endurance and MALE / HALE vehicles
    - Control surfaces requiring servo actuation
  • Target drones — control surfaces, speed brakes
  • Utility actuation — throttle control, doors, spoilers
  • Electric aircraft, eVTOL, eSTOL, air taxis and urban air mobility vehicles — tilting mechanism, flight control, landing gear