Model 965 Rotary Servo Actuator

Model 965 Rotary Actuator

The Model 965 is one of the highest torque rotary servo electromechanical actuators available that integrates position loop servo control electronics with a digital communications interface. This actuator provides an angular excursion up ±90 degree in its current configuration. The customer can program the positional state of the actuator if loss of communications occurs. This is one of many options that allow the customer to easily implement this actuator into their system.

Operating Voltage 21 to 32 VDC
Operating Temperature Range -40° to +71° C
Operating Altitude Range 11,500 to 38,000 ft
Weight 11.5 lb max
Mechanical Stroke ±105 ±2° non jamming stops
Electrical Stroke ±90 ±1°- electronically limited
No Load Speed @ 28 VDC 70° / sec

Product Specifications


  • Integrated position servo loop control with digital communications
  • Non-jamming mechanical stops
  • Brushless permanent magnet motor design with integrated holding brake
  • High temperature capability
  • Electronic stops limit input command
  • Four wire RS-485 full duplex signal interface


  • Robust structural design
  • Mechanical stops
  • Low weight to power performance
  • Customizable


  • Unmanned air vehicles — tactical, medium long endurance and MALE / HALE vehicles
    - Control surfaces requiring servo actuation
  • Target drones — control surfaces, speed brakes
  • Utility actuation — throttle control, doors, spoilers
  • Electric aircraft, eVTOL, eSTOL, air taxis and urban air mobility vehicles — tilting mechanism, flight control, landing gear