Direct Drive Brushless DC Torque Motors

Moog's direct drive brushless torque motors are designed to operate over a range of speeds for a wide variety of military, aerospace and industrial applications. Different applications require unique configurations of mounting flanges, housings, output shafts and electrical requirements. Our motors have high torque-to-power and torque-to-inertia ratios, high linearity and low electrical time constants. Reliability and long life are hallmarks of our products and since these are brushless motors, there are no carbon brushes to wear out.

Moog offers a full range of products and a unique level of product support, including engineering development and aftermarket support. Whether torque motor or servomotor, framed or housed, our applications engineers will assist you with your critical application requirements.

Direct Drive Brushless DC Torque Motors

Moog has a variety of design options for standard motors. For example, winding designs to modify torque sensitivity, back EMF, DC resistance and inductance in the event a power source (voltage or current) is limited. Stack lengths can be varied (from 0.10 to 20.0 inches depending on the model) for tailored performance.  For ease of installation, mounting flanges, hubs, mounting holes and connectors can be added.

 DB-1250-A-1  DB-2180-A-1S  DB-4530-A-1ES
 DB-1500-G-4  DB-2480-A-1ES  DB-12600-A-1ESC
 DB-1840-K-1ES  DB-3175-A-1ES  
 DB-1890-A-1S  DB-3730-B-1ES

DB/DBE Matrix™ Direct Drive Brushless DC Torque Motors (COTS and ITAR Free)

In today's military market, there are many applications where rugged industrial products are utilized to provide the functionality and reliability needed to meet or exceed the requirements in the field.

 DB-14540 SERIES
 DB-22000 SERIES

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