Radar Motion Control with Communication and Data Transmission

Moog has extended its expertise in motion control and actuation products to the radar market for mechanically steered radar systems.  In addition to our traditional motion technology products, we have a rapidly growing fiber optic product line that supports radar communication and meets data transmission requirements.  Together, these products offer an extensive array of products and systems applicable to your specific needs.  

From motion control components to integrated sub-systems to complete single- and multi-axis actuation systems, Moog offers the designer and manufacturer of mechanically steered radar systems a full line of products to support any motion control need.

Product Offerings



Solenoids are used to lock the antenna in place during transportation.  A simple command signal will release or activate the solenoid for rotation or locking in position.



Resolver and synchro transmitters and receivers offer position, velocity feedback and motor communication.  No matter what the environment might be, resolver and synchro transducers are the most reliable position sensors available on the market.

Brush and Brushless Motors


Our line of Brush and Brushless Motors, include servo, torque and cube motors.  Available in multiple packaging configurations, our motors offer high energy bonded and rare earth magnets and both silicon and high permeability magnetic alloy materials to maximize torque to volume ratios.


Moog offers 12V-600VDC Controllers and amplifiers with either an AC or DC input in both 2 and 4 quadrant configurations.  These products allow for single axis radar velocity control, as well as multi-axis actuation, leveling, point and stare capability.

Slip Rings


Our Slip Rings offer both through-bore and centerline designs.  A wide range of power handling capabilities and broadband data can be transmitted through these continuous 360 degree rotating devices.

Fluid Rotary Unions

We design and manufacture Fluid Rotary Unions for coolant systems. Our products have been proven to acheive long life (>100M revs), low leakage and low torque. We understand reliability, first-rate performance and minimal maintenance to be core values of our customers.

Linear and Rotary Actuators

Our Linear and Rotary actuators are used for azimuth and elevation drives and uniquely suitable for point and stare applications.  They are also ideal for leveling jack and antenna fold applications for land based radar.

Fiber Optic Rotary Joints

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Moog designs Fiber Optic Rotary Joints (FORJs) that support one or more high-speed digital communication channels as well as offer options for low back-reflection and low insertion and low insertion loss for transmission of analog signals over fiber. Moog FORJs are used over a wide temperature range, in aggressive shock and vibration applications.

Fiber Optic Multiplexers & Modems

Moog expands and enhances its motion capabilities with expertise in fiber optic design, offering an array of solutions for today's demanding radar applications. This includes Fiber Optic Multiplexers that are designed to provide reliable fiber optic transmission of multiple standard and high-definition (HD) video and data signals, as well as Fiber Optic Modems that provide electrical to optical conversion of electronic communication and data signals for transmission using tactical fiber optic cable assemblies.

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