Endura-Trac™ Fiber W Series


Endura-Trac Plus W Series Slip Rings with Through Bores

The Endura-Trac series of slip ring assemblies were developed for a wide variety of applications and environments. The flexible design and through-bore capability of up to 9 inches, along with many other options make it ideal for a designer to incorporate into new and retrofit applications. Modular construction allows a range of signal and power combinations with power circuits up to 30 amps and signal circuits. With the release of the Fiber W Series the traditional composite brushes have been replaced with fiber brushes, eliminating the need for debris maintenance and brush replacement for the life of the slip ring.

For more information about how Moog's slip rings with through bores can fit your specific application, contact our slip ring experts.


  • Bore sizes from 1.5 inch to 9.0 inch
  • Up to 48 signal circuits or low power (rated at 250 V / 5 A each)
  • Up to 28 power circuits (rated at 600 V / 30 A each)
  • Continuous bidirectional rotation up to 250 rpm on all sizes
  • Flying lead wire bundle, 24 inch lead length standard
  • #20 AWG signal lead wire, #12 AWG power lead wire
  • All metal exterior cover
  • Shaft and flange mounting
  • Stator, rotor, or both can rotate


  • Ease of use
  • Debris free operation
  • Maintenance free life
  • Extended life versus traditional composite brushes
  • Compatible with data bus protocols, contact factory for details
  • Transfers power, as well as analog and digital signals
  • Hundreds of different combinations of signals and power circuits
  • Integration of cable assemblies and connectors


  • Drive adaptor for stator de-rotation
  • Longer lead lengths
  • Sealed version (NEMA 12)
  • Various power and signal configurations available
  • Mounting collar for shaft mount
  • Higher circuit counts available, contact factory
  • Higer RPMs possible on some units
Endura-Trac Fiber W Series Specifications
Rated Speed 1.5 and 3.0 inch bore: 250 rpm
4.0, 6.0 and 9.0 inch bore: 250 rpm
Power Rings 30 A / 600 volts
Signal Rings 5 A / 250 volts
Lead Wire Power circuits - 12 AWG flying leads
Signal circuits - 20 AWG flying leads
Temperature Range -40°C to +80°C
*Please note that the operational life of the unit is dependent upon rotational speed, environment and temperature.

Typical Applications

  • Packaging machines
  • Index tables
  • Paper and film converting
  • Rotary machines
  • Machine tools
  • Automation equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Surveillence equipment
  • Inspection equipment