Type 2 Side-Drive Solar Array Drive Mechanism 

The Side-Drive Solar Array Drive Mechanism (SADM) consists of a slip ring assembly and an actuator coupled by a spur gear set which, when driven by suitable drive electronics, will position the Solar Array toward the sun for maximum power and transfer the collected energy to the spacecraft power bus. The SADM unit is an integrated assembly of actuator, slip ring with integral position feedback potentiometer, and the output spur gear set. The gearbox, which contains the output spur gear set, is configured with the spacecraft-mounting interface, and serves as the member, which integrates the other components of the SADM. The slip ring assembly is of the proven metal-on-metal construction, with a multi-ring rotor and multi-wire brush-type contactors. The slip ring assembly is located on the rear face of the output gearbox, and the rotating cable bundle exits on the centerline of the slip ring assembly.



Key Features:

  • Design accommodates large size slip ring assemblies
  • Output side driven by Type2 actuator
  • Large output provides high moment stiffness
  • High gear ratio provides fine output resolution
  • Integrated large potentiometer for position feedback


Description Value

Motor Winding Resistance

0.02 Degrees
Potentiometer Resistance >18 (N-m)
Output Step Size >15 (N-m) 
Output Torque 15 W
Unpowered Holding Torque -30˚ C to +65˚ C
Power Consumption 5 Kg
Operating Temperature Range >12 Kg.m^2
Mass Potentiometer ± 1.5 deg. linearity
Slip Ring Complement Medium: 24 Power @ 3A plus 19 Signal @ 1 A High: 32 Power @ 3A plus 19 Signal @ 1A 

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