Vibration Testing

vibration testing

Moog provides end to end vibration test services with a system that is capable of replicating random, swept sine, shock (both classical and SRS) and arbitrary transient waveforms with temperature control and notched drive inputs. 




The system replicates base vibration levels consistent with environmental testing practices for space flight hardware and MIL Specification 810G. We offer the customer data reporting that includes raw and compiled response data as well as NIST traceable calibration information for all instrumentation.

Preparation of a test quotation requires only the following technical information:

  • Mounting pattern for test article
  • Dimensions and approximate weight of test article
  • Vibration levels needed in each direction to test

Vibration Testing Capabilities

  • Controller, shaker, and slip table that can provide vibration levels in excess of 20 Gs RMS
  • Gantry with 1 Ton lifting capabilities
  • VXI 24-bit dynamic acquisition and recording system that can support up to 80 channels of simultaneous recording.
  • Sophisticated Matlab based processing, data reduction, and exporting capabilities
  • Controller capable of response limiting consistent with practices of NASA handbook 7005.
  • Temperature controller capable of between -100˚ and 200˚ F