ShockWave Isolator


Moog’s ShockWave isolator product family is the perfect solution for small payload and CubeSat launch isolation. ShockWave leverages more than two decades of spaceflight hardware heritage and packages launch worthy technology into a reliable, predictable system at a price point that is comparable to non-aerospace-worthy, elastomeric isolation mounts. 



Key Features

  • Low mass, low profile and highly damped isolation mounts
  • Suitable for shock and random vibration load attenuation
  • Configurable with metric and standard interfaces
  • Predictable attenuation through an all metallic load path
  • Robust performance over the launch operational environment

Provides Vibration Isolation For:

  • CubeSat Dispensers
  • Optical Mounts
  • Machine Tools
  • Electronics Components
  • Directed Energy Systems

The standard Shockwave isolator is available in two stiffnesses. The -75H1 model is lower stiffness and the -7575 model provides higher stiffness along with capability for larger loads. The nominal stiffness and loss values for these ShockWave part numbers are shown below across a broad frequency range. 

-75H1 Nominal Stiffness (SW-150-1000-190-75H1)

Description 20 Hz 50 Hz 100 Hz

Axial (lbf/in)

2,300 2,700
Lateral (lbf/in) 4,400 5,800 7,900
Loss (% Structural) >40  >40 >40

-7575 Nominal Stiffness (SW-150-1000-190-7575)

Description 20 Hz 50 Hz 100 Hz

Axial (lbf/in)

10,000 12,500 15,000
Lateral (lbf/in) 6,000 7,500 9,500
Loss (% Structural) >30  >40 >40

The ShockWave isolator is modular and configurable. It will accommodate a wide variety of spacecraft configurations.