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Steel Production Machinery

Boosting productivity in steel and iron production machinery.

High Performance Applications Include:

  • Blast furnace top gas recovery turbine unit
  • Electrode position control of steelmaking Electric Arc Furnace (EAF)
  • Tundish slide gate and ladle level control of continuous caster
  • Mold oscillation control of continuous caster
  • Peeler arm position, step control and mandrel in hot steel mill coil and box
  • CVC, AGC/HGC in hot steel mill finishing
  • Roll bending and roll shifting in hot steel mill finishing
  • Coil handing in down coiler
  • AGC in plate steel mill
  • Bar guide in bar steel mill

Our typical services include repair, upgrades, and training as well as project studies, consulting, basic and detailed engineering, on-site installation and commissioning that are available upon request.

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