Moog Makes the Impossible Possible in Motion Control

For over 60 years, Moog has been helping customers find reliable solutions for some of the most demanding applications, when precision matters most. Explore this page to discover some of the capabilities and advantages we offer for construction applications and beyond.

Higher Productivity

Moog’s electrohydraulic and electrohydrostatic actuation solutions can increase productivity with minimized energy consumption, while offering simplified and cost-effective installations.

Harsh Environments

A challenge for construction machinery is that it must operate in diverse environmental conditions. Moog’s slip rings provide reliable transfer of signals, high current, sensor electronic and data transfer.

Compact and Rugged

Electromechanical solutions for industrial applications provide important benefits such as environmental cleanliness, lower noise, less energy consumption and higher efficiency.

Automation for Walking Excavators

Moog is adapting our capabilities in high performance motion control, harsh environment operation, and safety critical applications specifically for the next generation of electrified and automated mobile machinery.  In addition, we are forming new partnerships and developing new capabilities in the areas of visual perception, artificial intelligence, and autonomous systems. Finally, we are applying our extensive systems integration capabilities to tie all this together to enable substantial improvements to productivity and efficiency.

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