Compact Electrohydrostatic Actuation Systems

Moog has designed its Compact EAS (CEAS) to generate largely linear motion for all industrial applications requiring a compact solution with high power density and high dynamics. Like all Moog Electrohydrostatic Actuation Systems, the Compact EAS provides an attractive alternative to electrohydraulic (EH) or electromechanical (EM) systems.


As a highly integrated and closed system, the Compact EAS consists of servo motor, internal servo gear pump, hydraulic manifold and cylinder. The integrated servo pump is matched to the surface area ratio of the cylinder. Speed and direction of movement is controlled without any directional or proportional valves. Because of the closed loop system, Compact EAS does not need a tank or external power pack. The necessary volume compensator is integrated. Position control, pressure/force control and speed control is possible.


  • High force capability and power density
  • Low noise emission for quiet machine operation          
  • Environmentally friendly due very high energy efficiency and up to 90 % lower oil requirement compared to standard systems
  • Small number of components reduce the risk of breakdown and allow faster maintenance
  • Standardized linear drive with very few components and modular design
  • Large number of designs and sizes available
  • Decentralized system eliminates need for large hydraulic power unit (HPU) and reduces piping and installation costs
  • Energy management system available


The Compact EAS is available in two different configurations in its standard format: Linear and Orthogonal. Special designs are also available upon request.