Model 290 Linear Servo Actuator

The Model 290 is one of the highest performance linear servo actuators available on the market. We offer this actuator with a digital communications interface. It provides 1,500 lbf at 0.26 inches / second for up to 7.75 inch strokes. It has a homing sequence that determines end of travel on startup, thus, ensuring proper positioning along its stroke. These features allow our customer flexibility to have a drop-in servo actuator for their system.


  • Integrated position servo loop control utilizing
  • Moog RS-485 digital communications protocol
  • Non-jamming mechanical stops
  • Stainless steel gear train
  • Precision ball screw and nut assembly
  • Brush-type permanent magnet motor design with integrated holding brake
  • Electrical stops software controlled
  • High resolution magnetic encoder
  • Telemetry is composed of position, temperature, voltage and current
  • Low latency
  • Custom tunable performance parameters
Operating Voltage 18 to 32 VDC
Weight 6.0 lb nom
Motor Type 24 VDC permanent magnet brush-type
Brake Type 24 VDC permanent magnet static
Output Shaft Ball screw 0.2 inches / turn
Free Play 0.012 inches (0.3 mm) with 50 lbf
Mechanical Stroke 8.0 inches
Electrical Stroke 7.75 inches
No Load Current 800 mA
No Load Current with Brake 1.1 A
No Load Speed @ 28 VDC 0.6 inches / sec
Rated Current 5.75 A
Rated Torque and Speed 1,500 lbf (6,670 N) @ 0.26 inches / sec with a 10% duty cycle
Maximum Static Load 2,500 lbf (11,120 N)
Electrical Command Interface Isolated half duplex RS-4852

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Typical Applications

  • Unmanned air vehicles — tactical, medium altitude, long endurance (MALE), and high altitude long endurance (HALE) vehicles
    • Flight control surface actuation
  • Optionally piloted air vehicles (OPV)
  • Utility actuation — throttle control, doors, spoilers
  • Electric aircraft, eVTOL, eSTOL, air taxis and urban air mobility vehicles — propeller pitch control, tilting mechanism, flight control, landing gear