CP Servo Motor Family AF Series


Moog AF series (12 poles) servo motors with natural cooling are designed for dynamic servo applications where small dimensions (especially shorter length) and high torque, along with a wide speed range and variable load, are required. From an electromagnetic standpoint, AF motors are designed for an overload capacity of 3–5 times the rated torque. Therefore, these servo motors can be used with torques substantially higher than those produced at nominal speed. They also offer a large power range, achieving continuous stall torque values from 2.8 to 65 Nm [25–575 lb-in].

The modular design of the AF servo motor supports a variety of options. In addition, Moog can provide fully customized solutions including: 

  • Winding systems and special insulation options for... 
  • different intermediate circuit voltages (12 V, 24 V, 48 V, 330 V, 560 V and 700 V DC) 
  • different voltage constants (from about 1 to 500 V min. / 1,000)
  • Special rotors for higher speed applications with double or triple bandages
  • Special lightweight rotors for reduced inertia
  • Customized active lengths
  • Special mechanical designs for flange, bearings and shaft end for applications requiring higher radial and axial forces
  • Added environmental protection (higher temperature; hazardous or harsh environment)
  • Increased IP ratings
  • Variety of available encoder options

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  • Compact dimensions with shorter axial length (flat motors) 
  • High torque overload capability 
  • High efficiency 
  • High quality production 
  • High precision assembly
  • Long life and high operational reliability 


  • Space-saving installation
  • High power density
  • Highly customizable
  • Rugged structure
  • Minimal maintenance needs
  • Different winding options available



Dimensions Measuring Unit AF Servo Motors
Continuous Stall Torque M° Nm [lb-in] 2.8–65
Peak Torque Mmax Nm [lb-in] 12.3–254
Rated Speed nN min-1 (rpm) 0–5,500
Rated Power PN kW [hp] 0.8–9.4
Rated Torque MN Nm [lb-ft] 2.5–59.6
Moment of Inertia J kg m2
[lb-in sec2 x 10-4 ]
Position Transducer Standard / Optional Resolver / Encoder
Temperature Monitoring N/A PTC, PT1000, Thermoswitch
Brake N/A Optional
Rated Bus Voltage VDC V 300/560 
(or customizable)
Certificate / Marks N/A CE
Cooling N/A Natural