Large Diameter Slip Rings

large diameter slip rings

Large diameter slip rings represent the union of manufacturing processes and technologies that enable Moog to offer large, high volume slip rings with advanced features that are cost effective. The manufacturing processes allow the slip ring to be built in an assembly line fashion that significantly reduces delivery time and price.


  • Platter or drum configuration 
  • Diameters exceeding 70 inches (1.7 m)
  • Rotational speeds to 300 rpm 
  • Power rings rated up to 1000 V 
  • Power rings rated up to 300 amp 
  • Quiet mechanical system operation 
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Multiple brush tip options with minimal debris 
  • Capability of adding integral encoder, multiplexer, fiber optic rotary joint and non-contacting data link
  • Multiplexing: multiple bidirectional signals to minimize ring count
  • Encoder: capable of >15,000 counts

To learn more, view the large diameter slip ring technical data sheet.

Fiber Optic Rotary Joint (FORJ)

Large bore optical rotary joints for high speed optical communications with aggregate data rates exceeding 40 Gb/s. This patented technology also has the capability to transfer multiple data signals per optical channel.

  • Integrated directly into slip ring or can stand alone
  • Inherent EMI immunity
  • Multiple electronics options (single channel, multi-channel, FPGA)
  • Significant system health diagnostics 
  • Bidirectional channel support

 To learn more, view the optical rotary joints data sheet.

Non-Contacting Data Link (NCDL)

Large bore non-contacting data link for high speed data communications with aggregate data rates exceeding 5 Gb/s.

  • Integrate directly into slip ring or can stand alone
  • Bidirectional channel support
  • Requires less footprint than FORJ option
  • Modules packaged within footprint of slip ring

To learn more, view the non-contacting data link data sheet.

Part Number Type ID* OD* High
High Power
Voltage VAC
Speed rpm
Drum 31.952 35.044 4 2 8 480 100 A 120
Drum 37.400 39.984  480 100 A 120
Platter 38.590  56.194  400  100 A 180 
Platter 39.622 54.818 4 2 4 380 100 A 180
Platter 42.520  54.100  500  100 A 180 
Platter 42.047  54.094  400  100 A 120 
Platter 44.291  59.916  600  100 A 180 
FORJ ONLY 39.624  43.040   -  -  -  -  - 300

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Typical Applications

  • Medical CT scanners
  • Luggage scanners
  • Amusement rides
  • Cranes
  • Offshore mooring
  • Non-destructive test equipment
  • Industrial 3D imagining equipment

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