Solutions for Challenging Energy Applications

Providing motion control solutions for energy applications involves accommodating some of the most demanding environments found in the industrial marketplace.  From energy plants with gas turbines to wind turbines in offshore wind farms to down-hole drilling installations, the highest priority for our customers is ensuring uptime in 24/7 operations.  Even in extreme weather and vibration environments and situations requiring explosion-proof protection, high performance and reliability are guaranteed by Moog.

Moog's proven solutions and products for the energy industry are known for delivering on all of the demanding requirements of these industries and also providing the extra performance no one else can offer. 

Gas and Steam Turbines

Moog offers both electric and hydraulic solutions that improve metering and positioning capabilities and reduce system and operating costs for gas and steam turbines. From solutions for Inlet Guide Vane, gaseous and liquid fuel controls, process controls and bleed valve control to fuel metering pumps, our technology is known as the choice for customers wanting both reliability and high performance for their critical power generation applications.

Wind Turbines

Moog offers the reliable solutions needed by wind turbine manufacturers and operators.  Our slip rings with a lifetime of 1 million revolutions is an example of our proven solutions uniquely adapted to the needs of the wind market.

Oil and Gas Exploration and Production

Moog specializes in motion control solutions that improve the performance of downhole tools, topside, and subsea/marine equipment in applications for oil and gas exploration and production. Our solutions emphasize faster drilling, improved accuracy and quicker completion rates in offshore and other hostile environments. From designing and manufacturing high-performance products such as Electric Linear Servoactuators, Brushless Servomotors, Electronic Motor Controllers, Slip Rings, Resolvers, and Fiber Optic Rotary Joints to supplying integrated systems, we collaborate with our customer to meet specialized needs.