Power Generation Service and Support


In many ways, the most critical operations of your gas and steam turbines benefit from the performance of Moog actuators and valves – including conserving fuel, preventing pollution and providing the declared power output. For decades, Moog has been the preferred supplier of actuators and servo valves for the leading OEMs of turbine equipment. Now with thousands of motion control products in the field in plants around the world, Moog has the expertise and facilities to offer flexible repair and O&M services to keep your equipment running at peak performance.

Moog has worked with the original equipment manufacturers of many turbines models to specify and manufacture the motion control systems (e.g. actuator assemblies) and components (e.g. servo valves). We incorporate this expertise, gained over the life of the product to help you ensure a long service life for the actuators and valves in your plant.

Typical Applications

  • Fuel Control
  • Pressure Control
  • Steam Control
  • Splitter/Transfer
  • Inlet Guide Vane Positioning
  • Fuel and Lube Oil (Whitton Gear Pumps)


64K Upgrade

Ensuring maximum productivity from your GE 7FA Gas Turbine requires timely, comprehensive maintenance of its gas control equipment at critical service intervals. Typically maintenance is performed on actuators and process valves at the 48K service interval. Now, Moog’s long-life hardware upgrade can extend this maintenance to 64K hours. The benefits this offers for you include:

  • Reduce downtime
  • Saving service cost
  • Optimizing outage management resources
  • Eliminating short scheduling maintenance at 32 K intervals


Moog’s 64K upgrade is the first solution that extends the life of Gas Control Valves to be aligned with the target maintenance schedule for turbines equipped with Advance Gas Path (AGP) technology. This upgrade solution consists of a Moog extended life actuator and Emerson Extended life process valve that have been engineered to operate reliably for a long service life, up to the scheduled maintenance of 64K hours. In some cases that’s double the suggested maintenance schedule. You can also take advantage of Advanced Exchange Services which eliminate outage schedule risk by delivering rebuilt gas control valves prior to your outage start date. Installation and removal can occur sequence, saving you time and money.


Power Generation Optimized (PGO) Servo Valve 

In response to consistency and reliability challenges faced by customers and a solution request initiated by GE, Moog engineers have developed a new Power Generation Optimized (PGO) option for our G771K and G772K series of intrinsically safe servo valves. This heavy duty valve option offers increased reliability at a competitive price, all while maintaining Moog’s exceptional precision and quality that leading power generation customers have relied on. These upgraded valves are available when doing valve repairs, exchanges, and also when performing actuator maintenance.

Safety Certifications

For our intrinsically safe and explosion proof certified products, the only way to ensure continued safety and maintainence of these safety ratings, trust our certified factory repairs and spare parts. All repairs are completed using new parts only available to Moog certified repair technicians and completed according to the original design specifications and testing standards.