Subsea Motion Control and Actuation Solutions

Electric and Hydraulic Actuation Solutions

Moog provides actuation solutions for applications in subsea drilling, processing, production and intervention systems, including:

  • HIPPS (High Integrity Pipeline Protection Systems)
  • Compressor systems
  • Subsea drilling and intervention
  • BOPs (Blowout Preventers)

ROV Motion Control Solutions

Moog motion control solutions play a key role in electrical or hydraulic control of remote operating vehicles (ROV) thrusters and manipulators, cameras, and sonar

  • Accurate directional and lift control for the ROV during underwater maneuvering
  • Precision in robotic tasks while keeping weight to a minimum

Our solutions are designed for a 20 year life span, include redundancy for high reliability, and are designed to work under the following conditions:

  • Water depths to 3000 m (10,000 ft)
  • Ambient pressures over 30 bar (450 psi)
  • Ambient temperatures of -10° C (14° F)

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Subsea Products and Solutions

  • Speed Controlled Pump Motor System
  • Linear and Rotary Actuators for subsea valves 
  • Brushless motors, gearing, screws
  • Motor Drive Electronics qualified to ISO 13628 Q1, Q2
  • Servo valves for ROV and subsea applications

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