Our product, solutions and services for marine applications are technically advanced, reliable and known for a long service life, even in severe operating environments. With over 50 years experience delivering motion control solutions to ship builders and integrators, our extensive product range is proven and project ready for your applications. From servo valves to radial piston pumps to actuators our products are rugged for a long service and high performance to help you achieve a competitive advantage with your equipment.


Improving passenger comfort or reducing hydrodynamic effects is critical for reducing drag or cruising at higher speeds. Our submerged control surface actuation systems improve the overall stabilization of the ship enabling:

  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Increase operational range
  • Reduced hull maintenance
  • Increase cruising speed and dynamic stability

Power Systems

A reliable and safe actuation of the ¼ turn or butterfly valve for ballast and bilge, fuel and propulsion, liquid cargo and firefighting process valves and hydraulic systems is essential for the operation of the ship and the long-term cost of ownership. Our process valve actuation systems will ensure the reliable operation of the process valves, enabling:

  • Increased protection against Explosion/Fire hazards
  • Higher prevention against oil, fuel or cargo spillage
  • Better stability of the ship
  • Superior protection of the boiler, turbine and engine
  • Reliability of fire suppression and firefighting equipment in emergency event


A highly dynamic propulsion control system for propellers or jet pump systems is fundamental for the safety, performance and maneuverability of the ship. Our actuation systems will ensure a dependable propulsion control loop, enabling:

  • Superior efficiency of the propulsion system
  •  Reduced cavitation along the blades
  • Reduced maintenance of the propulsion system
  • Increased turning, yaw-checking, course-keeping, changing and stopping abilities of the ship

Improve the performance of your downhole drilling, topside, and subsea equipment with Moog high performance motion control solutions for oil and gas applications.

Special Systems for Offshore Vessels

Light deck footprint, high power density actuation systems are paramount for bay door actuation, deck cranes and cargo handling systems. Our OTS hydraulic, electrometrical or hybrid actuation systems can be integrated in any on-deck machinery, enabling:

  • Heavier and safer payload handling
  • More compact/higher power ratio
  • Heave cancellation systems
  • Spillage-free actuation system