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Robust motion control technology.


Ship Stabilization

Moog’s control surface actuation systems improve overall ship stabilization, reducing drag and enabling greater passenger comfort when cruising at higher speeds. Greater ship stability results in:

  • Lower energy use
  • Increased operational range
  • Reduced hull maintenance requirements
  • Faster cruising speeds
  • More dynamic stability

Onboard Power Systems and Engines – Butterfly Valves

The reliable and safe operation of quarter turn butterfly valves is essential for onboard processes such as propulsion engine, liquid cargo handling and firefighting, and directly impacts on the longer term cost of ship ownership. Moog’s process valve actuation systems ensure that process valves function successfully around the clock ensuring:

  • Excellent protection against explosions and fire hazards
  • Reduced likelihood of oil and fuel spillages
  • Good ship stability
  • Reliable boiler, turbine and engine protection
  • Greater reliability for emergency equipment


A highly dynamic propulsion control system for propellers or jet pump systems is fundamental for the safety, performance and maneuverability of the ship. Our actuation systems will ensure a dependable propulsion control loop, enabling:

  • Superior efficiency of the propulsion system
  •  Reduced cavitation along the blades
  • Reduced maintenance of the propulsion system
  • Increased turning, yaw-checking, course-keeping, changing and stopping abilities of the ship


Improve the performance of your downhole drilling, topside, and subsea equipment with Moog high performance motion control solutions for oil and gas applications.

Special Systems for Offshore Vessels

Light deck footprint, high power density actuation systems are paramount for bay door actuation, deck cranes and cargo handling systems. Our OTS hydraulic, electrometrical or hybrid actuation systems can be integrated in any on-deck machinery, enabling:

  • Heavier and safer payload handling
  • More compact/higher power ratio
  • Heave cancellation systems
  • Spillage-free actuation system

A Smooth Approach

Safer Offshore Turbine Access

Learn how Moog's unique motion control application helps to cancel out wave motion.

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