Naval Systems Actuators

Moog is currently the sole source supplier of various hydraulic and electromechanical rotary and linear actuators for US submarines, aircraft carriers, and surface ships. We provide motion control solutions that comply with stringent naval qualification requirements such as shock and vibration control, low acoustic signature, and corrosion resistance.

Moog’s actuators and control electronics can be provided in power ranges from fractional to over 100 horsepower. We accommodate wide ranges of power levels, fault tolerance, torque density, and response times for any shipboard application. Moog specializes in designing actuation systems requiring precise control at high bandwidths.

Linear Actuators for Subsea Naval Applications

A linear actuator designed for precision control of AUVs. 

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Rotary Actuators for Naval Applications

The Rotary Hinge Actuator is designed to produce reliable precise motion control for applications requiring high torque in a small robust package.

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Other Naval Product Offerings

This section includes details about a wide array of Moog Naval Actuators.

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