Aerospace and Defense Slip Rings

Moog's slip rings have been successfully performing in aerospace and defense applications for over 70 years. These products are developed for rugged environments and demanding requirements. Typical applications include electro-optic systems, blade de-ice, target acquisition systems, tank turrets and manned / unmanned vehicles.


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Electro-Optic Systems

The dramatic increase of sophisticated gimbaled electro-optic sensor systems that provide battlefield information has led to major developments in supporting hardware. Moog has always been one step ahead of these requirements with the development of twist capsules.

Helicopter Slip Rings

Proven reliability in demanding applications and environments.

Minature Slip Ring Capsules

Miniature slip ring capsule assemblies economically address both critical space and weight limitations. Each assembly includes the rotor, brush blocks, frame, ball bearings and dust cover.

Propeller Slip Rings

Fixed wing propeller aircraft use specialist de-icing slip rings to pass electrical power from the airframe generators to the rotating propellers. These propellers are heated to avoid the build up of ice either in flight or on the ground in difficult weather conditions.

Vehicular Slip Rings

Electrical slip rings are used in vehicles such as tanks, retrievers, light armored vehicles, mobile missile launchers, and armored personnel carriers. A typical vehicle might contain slip rings in the turret, the commander station and the infrared sight. In each of these systems, slip rings have provided reliable signal and power coupling under the most rugged battlefield conditions.

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Defense Solutions

Moog is recognized by military forces around the world for its industry-leading solutions, which include counter-unmanned aerial systems (C-UAS), fast ammunition handling, precise missile steering, weapon stores management, turreted weapon systems and quiet undersea actuation.