Small Satellite Solar Array Drive Assembly

The small satellite Solar Array Drive Assembly (SADA) is a lightweight and compact power solution for positioning solar array panels. Continuous rotation of the solar array is facilitated by the integration of a slip ring assembly. Position telemetry is made available using Moog’s noncontact position sensor technology. The SADA is comprised of modular components, allowing modifications to meet mission specific requirements. The drive axis is comprised of a stepper motor and a gear transmission accommodating an open-loop command and control scheme.



Key Features:

  • LEO orbit capable
  • Continuous rotation
  • High stiffness of output
  • Modular design


Features Units
Unit Mass 3.25 lbm
Dimensions (L W H)  Ø4.6" x 4.8"
Operating Voltage 22 VDC
Current Draw 0.45 A
Output Torque 50 lbs-in
Power 10W
Output Step Size 0.018°
Operating Temperature -40 to 65°C
Cycle Life 90,000 Revs of output
Slip Ring Compliment 30 rings (15 power circuits & 15 return circuits) @ 3.0 A/circuit

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