Reconfigurable Integrated-weapons Platform (RIwP®) Configured for the United Kingdom

One Platform. Multiple Roles.

RIwP® is a compelling solution for the British Army’s current and future weapon system needs. Already in service with the U.S. Army in both SHORAD and C-UAS roles, RIwP offers unique benefits to the user. For the British Army, RIwP offers two key attributes; its reconfigurability and its commonality. 


Reconfigurability RIwP allows the weapons and sensors fitted to the platform to be changed according to budget, programme timeline, threat, or vehicle role. These changes are easily completed at the depot level.

Commonality RIwP allows a common base platform  - a weapons ‘hub’ - to be used whatever the role. The Army’s mounted SHORAD, Counter-UAS, anti-armour, multi-mission, scout/reconnaissance requirements can all be met from the common weapons platform. The only differences between these roles will be the weapons and sensor selections.

Two additional advantages of reconfigurability and commonality

  • A common platform translates to 85% hardware commonality. This allows significant, measurable logistics benefits compared to buying and deploying different weapons platforms for each role.
  • The common ‘hub’ ensures a consistent user interface for various roles, irrespective of weapon and sensor configuration. This ensures a significant advantage in training efficiency.  


RIwP is a strong fit for the Army’s stated ‘direction of travel’ – the UK’s Land Industrial Strategy aspires to buy platforms which are ‘capable of being incrementally upgraded’. Future upgrade capability is a fundamental design feature of RIwP. Additionally, RIwP’s vehicle-agnostic design requires only a standard one (1) metre NATO ring while benefiting the Warfighter with zero intrusion into the crew space. Therefore, it can be fitted to a wide variety of wheeled, tracked, static and autonomous vehicles and so complies with the Army’s fleet rationalisation efforts.


"For the British Army, what we've done is listen to their needs."

GovExec TV’s George Jackson sits down with Moog Head of International Defense Business Development, Richard Allen-Miles, to discuss the company’s role in supporting armed forces world-wide and in Europe in particular.  They also dive into how RIwP® meets British Army requirements and explore the key attributes of Moog's turreted weapon systems, including the FMP™ (Flexible Mission Platform). Learn how these turrets are designed to meet a variety of global combat needs.




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