Vibration Suppression Control


ShockWave isolator product family is the perfect solution for small payload and cubesat launch isolation. ShockWave leverages over two decades of spaceflight hardware heritage and packages launch worthy technology into a reliable, predictable system at a price point that is comparable to non-aerospace, elastomeric isolation mounts.

ShockWave Isolator Datasheet


Moog’s SoftRide vibration isolation systems protect whole satellites from the rough ride into orbit. SoftRide also provides some shock isolation and reduces transmission of energy that drives acoustic loading. The standard SoftRide designs are tuned to each combination of launch vehicle and payload to ensure the best performance while remaining compatible with attitude control systems. We manufacture and test SoftRide components and are continuously updating SoftRide for existing and new vehicles, and advancing the technology including adaptive SoftRide.

SoftRide is a standalone product that also integrates with our launch adapters. It contains three separate systems that can be tailored for any specific mission: UniFlex primarily isolates in the axial direction of the spacecraft, OmniFlex can isolate in both axial and lateral directions, and ShockRing specifically targets high-frequency shock transmission into the spacecraft. SoftRide systems have flown over 30 times on 10 different launch vehicle families.

Missions (partial list): GRAIL (Delta II), OG2 (Falcon 9), ANGELS (Delta IV), LADEE (Minotaur V), IRIS (Pegasus XL), Commercial Customer (Ariane 5), XSS-11 (Minotaur I), TacSat-4 (Minotaur IV), NROL-15 (Delta IVH), WorldView III (Atlas V)

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Tuned Mass Dampers and Absorbers

Tuned mass dampers, or TMDs, are resonant devices used to suppress or absorb vibration. When installed properly on a machine or structure, they draw away vibrational energy from the structure or machine and dissipate it internally, reducing the motion of the machine.

Tuned vibration absorbers, or TVAs, are undamped absorbers. TVAs and TMDs are modular devices composed of a spring, mass and for TMDs, a damper. These three components can be implemented in a number of ways.

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TMD Series Datasheet