Moog offers a wide selection of alternators for a variety of power generation applications. The AG Matrix™ series  alternators utilize high energy rare earth magnets and dense slot fills to achieve higher AC ouput power.

If the models below do not meet your needs, our engineers can customize a design to meet your exact requirements. Simply contact our experts to get started. 

AG Matrix™ Series

The AG Matrix series brushless permanent magnet alternators are used in applications that require high power density. They are supplied as a direct drive rotor/stator frameless part set that is directly attached to the load. This design eliminates backlash and increases stiffness for optimized direct drive solutions.

Model Rated Power
(V rms)
AG-5250 345-3590 650-1500
237-263 5.25
AG-7350 868-8550 600-1200 227-239 7.35
AG-8000 1249-12780 3600 208-219 8.00
AG-12600 966-23986 250-800 256-301 12.60
AG-15275 1631-36526 200-800 248-322 15.275
Specifications at 25 ° C

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Typical Applications

  • Auxiliary power generation
  • Wind energy
  • Onboard power generation for manned and unmanned vehicles