Model 813 Hybrid ESR / Hydraulic FRU


The Model 813 electrical and fluid rotary union consists of a single fluid pass with 600 V / 10 A and 220 V / 2 A power / signal circuit combinations. The design features sealed-for-life rolling element bearings and fiber brush technology for ultimate performance and long, maintenance free life in many challenging applications.

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  • 1 pass with 1/2 inch BSPP ports 
  • Suitable for a variety of media 
  • 600 V / 10 A and 220 V / 2 A circuit combinations 
  • Rated to 145 psi [10 bar] at 250 rpm continuous service (higher rotational speeds and pressure possible) 
  • Continuous 360° rotation 
  • 12 inch lead wire


  • Optional splash seals for environmental protection 
  • Fiber brush technology provides long life and maintenance free operation 
  • Modular electrical slip ring design 
  • Transfers analog and data signals 
  • Available with Ethernet

Typical Applications

  • Semiconductor pick and place robot applications
  • Packaging equipment
  • Automated handling


Fluid Rotary Union Component Specifications
Operating Temperature -20°C to +60°C
Passes Quality Size 1 x 1/2 inch BSPP
Continuous Pressure and Speed1 145 psi [10 bar] @ 250 rpm
Maximum Pressure1 180 psi [12.5 bar]
Maximum Speed1 250 rpm (intermittent or with sufficient cooling from medium)
Maximum Torque (Estimated)2 2.5 lb-in [280 N-mm]
Environmental IP64 environmental seal
Options Stainless steel construction

1Operational life is dependent on pressure, temperature, rotational speed duty cycle and size of assembly. Maximum values do not apply concurrently. Please consult the factory for actual value.

2Break-in torque may be higher

3Flexible conduit should be used to couple to the rotating component. The torque arm must be loose coupled.


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