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Technology to Avoid Downtime

For many applications, the cost of downtime can be significant. Access to installations can be difficult due to environmental conditions and geographical location. The cost for service may be costly and unplanned downtime may have downstream effects. A suite of unified condition monitoring products has been developed by Moog Focal to help users predict maintenance intervals and remotely monitor the condition of their installed equipment. Products are available for optical condition monitoring of the fiber optic cable, electrical slip rings and rotary joint condition monitoring.

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Model 923 Slip Ring Sensors

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The Model 923 slip ring sensor is a miniature, ruggedized, health monitoring and data logging system for Focal rotary products. When installed as an option in Focal’s slip rings, such as the Model 176 or larger units, the Model 923 Slip Ring Sensor provides real-time access to diagnostic information as well as data storage for offloading at a later time.

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Model 928 Optical Monitoring System (OMS)

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Model 928-OMS is part of Focal’s unified condition monitoring product line and provides continuous scanning and performance analysis of both live and spare optical fibers in critical telemetry and control systems, reducing down time and saving operating costs. Features includes real-time performance monitoring on live fibres, monitoring multiple fibres automatically and continuously, data logging and remote network access, and an intuitive graphical user interface.

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Model 907-DIAG-E Diagnostic Card, Ethernet

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The 907-DIAG-E card provides access to real-time diagnostic information from many of the Model 907 multiplexers, media converters and expansion cards. Typically mounted on top of a console stack, the 907-DIAG-E reads diagnostic values from both console and remote cards polled via the 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port.

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Model 490 FPS Data Acquisition System

The Model 490 is a miniature, ruggedized, health monitoring and data logging system. When installed as an option in any of the Model 400 series swivels, it provides real-time access to diagnostic information as well as data storage for offloading at a later time.

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Watch members of Moog's wind team, Steve Black, Fabian Goeden and Adan Cabrera, display Moog's latest offerings including our newest wind turbine slip ring solutions from Moog Rekofa and condition monitoring for slip rings, at AWEA 2019.


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