914 Expansion Cards


914 expansion cards allow for cost-effective upgrades to 914-X series systems. These cards pre-mux their signals and forward to the 914-HDE motherboard for optical transport. The up to 6 Gbaud of available optical bandwidth allows for real time uncompressed composite video, Gigabit Ethernet, sonar data and others to simultaneously share a low latency fiber optic link. Mixing and matching of expansion cards allows complex systems to be put together with ease using a convenient 914-X series diagnostic GUI for configuration.


  • Modular architecture
  • Rugged design for harsh environments
  • Available full bandwidth Ethernet (non-switched)
  • Universal serial data channels
  • High quality composite video
  • Sonar, CAN bus, hydrophone, responder trigger support via Focal AIB


  • Real-time diagnostics and Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Upgradeable

Model 914-EX

The 914-EX adds two Ethernet ports to a 914-X series system. Each card requires either 1 (default) or 2 medium speed expansion channels from the 914-HDE Motherboard. Each medium speed expansion channel provides 1 Gbaud of optical bandwidth from the 914-HDE to the 914-EX.

Each of the 914-EX Ethernet ports is set to 10/100/1000 BASE-T(X) auto-negotiation. This default setting may be adjusted via the 914 X-series GUI when linked through the 914-HDE. 

Download 914-EX 3D Model >


Model 914-VDX

The 914-VDX provides 2 NTSC/PAL video channels and 4 serial channels to a 914-X series system. Each 914-VDX card requires a single medium speed expansion channel form the 914-HDE Motherboard. The video channels must be configured for either input (default) or output and will auto detect the video standard. The serial channels are configured for RS-232 (default) and can be changed to RS-485 or RS-422 via the 914 X-series Diagnostic GUI.

Download 914-VDX 3D Model >


Model 914-AX

The 914-AX adapts the 914-X series to the AIB plug-in modules. The AIB plug-in modules provide specialty signal interfaces for sonar, hydrophone, trigger, CANbus and serial data. Each 914-AX card requires a single low speed expansion channel from the 914-HDE.

Download 914-AX 3D Model >


Model 914-DX

The 914-DX provides 6 isolated (in pairs) serial channels. Each serial channel is configured for RS-232 (default), RS-485 or RS-422 via the 914-X series Diagnostic GUI when linked via the 914-HDE motherboard. Each 914-DX card requires a single low speed expansion channel from the 914-HDE.

Download 914-DX 3D Model >