Model Expansion Cards


914 expansion cards allow for cost-effective upgrades to 914-X series systems. These cards pre-mux their signals and forward to the 914-HDE motherboard for optical transport. The up to 6 Gbaud of available optical bandwidth allows for real time uncompressed composite video, Gigabit Ethernet, sonar data and others to simultaneously share a low latency fiber optic link. Mixing and matching of expansion cards allows complex systems to be put together with ease using a convenient 914-X series diagnostic GUI for configuration.


All 914-X series cards include advanced serial diagnostics and configuration interfaces. This facilitates easy configuration of the cards without requiring physical access, as well as easy to display system status. The same interface can be used to update the system firmware or to upgrade the feature set with higher speed interfaces and new expansion possibilities. LED headers simplify integration with cost-effective enclosure diagnostic LEDs.


  • Modular architecture
  • Rugged design for harsh environments
  • Available full bandwidth Ethernet (non-switched)
  • Universal serial data channels
  • High quality composite video
  • Sonar, CAN bus, hydrophone, responder trigger support via Focal AIB


  • Real-time diagnostics and Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Upgradeable


Model 914-EX

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The 914-EX adds two Ethernet ports to a 914-X series system. Each card requires either 1 (default) or 2 medium speed expansion channels from the 914-HDE Motherboard. Each medium speed expansion channel provides 1 Gbaud of optical bandwidth from the 914-HDE to the 914-EX.

Each of the 914-EX Ethernet ports is set to 10/100/1000 BASE-T(X) auto-negotiation. This default setting may be adjusted via the 914 X-series GUI when linked through the 914-HDE. 

Download 914-EX 3D Model >

Model 914-VDX

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The 914-VDX provides 2 NTSC/PAL video channels and 4 serial channels to a 914-X series system. Each 914-VDX card requires a single medium speed expansion channel form the 914-HDE Motherboard. The video channels must be configured for either input (default) or output and will auto detect the video standard. The serial channels are configured for RS-232 (default) and can be changed to RS-485 or RS-422 via the 914 X-series Diagnostic GUI.

Download 914-VDX 3D Model >

Model 914-AX

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The 914-AX adapts the 914-X series to the AIB plug-in modules. The AIB plug-in modules provide specialty signal interfaces for sonar, hydrophone, trigger, CANbus and serial data. Each 914-AX card requires a single low speed expansion channel from the 914-HDE.

Download 914-AX 3D Model >

Model 914-DX

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The 914-DX provides 6 isolated (in pairs) serial channels. Each serial channel is configured for RS-232 (default), RS-485 or RS-422 via the 914-X series Diagnostic GUI when linked via the 914-HDE motherboard. Each 914-DX card requires a single low speed expansion channel from the 914-HDE.

Download 914-DX 3D Model >



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