Simulation Service and Support


Delivering world-class motion control for simulation systems means taking customer support far beyond the sale. It means a commitment to working with you to reduce downtime and helping you to get the most from your equipment investment. From system commissioning to upgrades, our trained engineers and technicians are on call around the world.

An important advantage of using Moog’s service team is access to experienced and knowledgeable technicians and engineers that specialize in getting customers up and running efficiently. Our field service technicians and engineers work daily with customers all over the world. Our range of services supports you through the life cycle of your system from commissioning through planned maintenance to upgrades.

Typical Services

  • Regular maintenance visits, pre-visits prior to scheduled downtime, and scheduled repairs 
  • System troubleshooting 
  • Re-installation services 
  • Replacements, retrofits or repairs of products 
  • Upgrades, tuning or changes in product parameters 
  • Turnkey installation planning including design of facilities and development of customized platforms, bridges, frames and linkages
  • Specialized technical training, advice and documentation

Moog technicians are available to provide world-class repair and upgrade services. Our guarantee is that all repaired product are brought into the same performance and specifications as when they were new. We are committed to minimizing downtime and maximizing long-life performance of your simulation systems. 

When system and performance upgrades are available, trust the Moog Global Support team to improve your system with the latest technology in the easiest and cost effective manner. For example, we have serviced countless customers using analog test controllers as they upgraded to new digital models without the need to modify hardware. All of our models are interchangeable with similar connectors and set-up features. We can also assist with replacing hydraulic technology with electric solutions for improved efficiency.