Oil and Gas Service and Support


Moog is known for providing reliable motion control products, solutions and service for the oil and gas industry with the technology, collaborative support and rugged products you need to withstand severe environments. From custom electric linear servo actuators to brushless servo motors use in downhole oil and gas drilling and servo valves used in topside rigs, reliable components are key to reducing the non-productive time and boosting productivity. 

Repair and Maintenance

When repairs are needed, Moog Global Support offers field service, as well as repair and exchange programs to keep your equipment running efficiently. With the reliability only available from a leading manufacturer with facilities around the world, Moog offers you service and expertise you can count on to keep your equipment operating as it should.

Our special Failure Analysis Services was designed to help you determine the exact root causes of failures and involves our product, design and quality engineering in the analysis process, as well as our Metallurgical lab for the investigation of structural failures, contamination issues, chemical compatibility and electrical failures.

Safety Certifications

For our intrinsically safe and explosion proof certified products, the only way to ensure continued safety and maintainence of these safety ratings, trust our certified factory repairs and spare parts. All repairs are completed using new parts only available to Moog certified repair technicians and completed according to the original design specifications and testing standards.   

Market Segments We Serve

Downhole Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Applications

  • Well Drilling: Measurement While Drilling (MWD), Logging While Drilling (LWD), Directional Drilling (RSS)
  • Formation Evaluation: Formation Sampling, Wellbore Isolation
  • Well Intervention: Tractor Tools
  • Intelligent Well Flow Control

Topside Oil and Gas Exploration and Production (Refinery petrochemical) applications

  • Well Drilling
  • Rig Equipment
  • Oil and Gas Production

Marine and Subsea Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Applications

  • Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV)
  • Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV)