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"Seeing’s believing, but feeling’s the truth." Thomas Fuller, 1732

Haptic Solutions

At Moog we develop Haptic Solutions for a wide range of applications, such as simulation, teleoperation and robotic surgery.


Our technology is perfect for training fine motor skills that are difficult to acquire in real life. This applies in the field of medical training just as well as in aviation training. Our virtual reality training simulators are used in dental education and eye surgery training. By training healthcare professionals in a virtual environment the need for training materials from human cadavers or animals is reduced, while training efficiency and surgical outcomes are improved. High fidelity Moog haptics are key for creating a truly realistic training environment. We believe that virtual reality training in healthcare will become as common and effective as it is in aviation today. But simulation can be applied in other fields of training as well.


In the field of teleoperation, machinery and robots are used to interact with an environment that’s dangerous or uncomfortable for human beings. Think about nuclear remediation, mining, agriculture and deep sea applications. Adding haptics to teleoperation solutions allows the operator to accurately feel objects in the remote environment and make informed decisions about how to manipulate the object. Haptic feedback also allows for a more intuitive and user friendly interface for the operator.

Haptic Feedback in Teleoperation and Master-Slave

Robotic Surgery

Robotic surgery is another field of applications that benefits from haptics. Master-slave operating robots can benefit from haptics by giving the surgeon haptic cues about the anatomy of the patient and the interaction between the robotic instruments and the patient. Assistive surgical robots make tedious and high precision tasks easier for surgeons. Our technology allows the surgeon to remain in control of the procedure, while haptic cues help to perform the procedure as planned and stay away from dangerous areas like nerves or arteries.

Other Applications

Other applications where haptics have proven added value are rehabilitation, surgical planning and 3D engineering and design.

Leading-edge technology

The high precision technology we apply at Haptic Solutions comes from decades of experience with haptic feedback in flight simulation. Our unique admittance control paradigm enables us to apply world class haptics to a range of products. We can render hard surfaces as well as soft tissue with the same crisp precision and realism. Our technology can render very delicate forces and give a user the perception of moving lightweight objects through air. Our Haptic Solutions come with a versatile software interface, allowing customers to easily connect the platform of their choice.

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What is Haptics?

Haptics is the technology that provides a user interface based on the stimulation of the senses of touch and movement. In short, it’s the science of touch.

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