914-X Series


The Model 914-X series represents a technical leap forward for the Focal multiplexer product line. The 914-HDE is a single universal motherboard with 3 optical speed options, 20+ optical wavelength options, and an ever expanding array of expansion cards allow users to configure a modular multiplexing system. At its core is a multi-gigabit multiplexing fabric combining 3G/HD-SDI video, Ethernet and serial data. The multi-gigabit expansion interface permits up to 8 expansion cards to be added to the system without requiring multiple fibers or CWDM. For larger systems that do require more than a single 914-HDE motherboard can provide, optional CWDM transceivers and optical multiplexer cards assist multiple 914-X series systems to share the same fiber. All of this advanced technology is available in an incredibly small credit card sized form factor ideal for pressure bottles, and can also be configured as a pressure tolerant version. High speed ribbon cabling can be used to arrange complex systems in space-challenged enclosures.

All 914-X series cards include advanced serial diagnostics and configuration interfaces. This facilitates easy configuration of the cards without requiring physical access, as well as easy to display system status. The same interface can be used to update the system firmware or to upgrade the feature set with higher speed interfaces and new expansion possibilities. LED headers simplify integration with cost-effective enclosure diagnostic LEDs.

Compatibility with Adaptable Interface Boards (AIB) allows this new multiplexing system to be backwards compatible to unique signal interfaces that often present challenges for system architects.

Model Card Type Description Diagnostics
Optical Options
914-HDE Motherboard HD Video, Ethernet and Serial Data Multiplexer

Dedicated RS232


LED Header

Bi-directional Single Fiber (Standard); CWDM (Optional); Pressure Tolerant (Optional)





Expansion Cards

Composite Video

Serial Data


Speciality Signals

RS232 (via 914-HDE)


LED Header

Shares Optical Bandwidth with 914-HDE
914-HDV2 Media Converter Dual HD Video Media Converter

Dedicated RS232


LED Header

CWDM (Standard)
914-CWDM Optical Card CWDM Optics Card, 1471/1491 nm with 1310/1550 nm Bypass, Singlemode
1310/1550 nm Bypass Port for Easy Upgrade of Existing 1310/1550 nm System
914-CWDM-4R1 Optical Card
CWDM Optics Card, 1471-1531 nm, Singlemode, 20 nm Spacing
Optional 1310 nm Bypass Port
914-CWDM-8R Optical Card
CWDM Optics Card, 1471-1611 nm, Singlemode, 20 nm Spacing
Optional 1310 nm Bypass Port
914-FOS Optical Card
1x2 Fiber Switch Card, Singlemode
Provides Fiber Optic Switch With Manual or Remote Digital Control (TTL)
914-SPLIT Optical Card 1 x 2 Fiber Splitter Card, Singlemode
None Provides Redundant Fiber Operation

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Typical Applications

  • Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs)
  • Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) and pipe inspection robots
  • Industrial sensors
  • Ground vehicle turrets and Remote Weapon Stations (RWS)
  • Naval, weather, and defense radar
  • Many other high definition video applications in surveillance, defense and industrial