Model 914 - Modular

The Model 914 media converter and multiplexer technology enables the transfer of high definition 3G/HD-SDI video, analog composite video, 10/100/1000 Base-T(X) Ethernet, serial data signals, along with specialty data types over a fiber optic communication channel. These credit card sized electronic cards have been designed specifically for use in harsh marine and industrial environments. Their form factor allows for integration into compact enclosures and pressure bottles.

There are two primary types of Model 914 systems:

914-X Series

Representing the latest Focal multiplexing technology, the 914-X series uses a modular architecture and optical speeds of up to 6 Gbaud to reduce system size, power and cost. 914-X series cards have standard diagnostics compatible with an included Focal software GUI as well as LED indicators and LED drivers for cost-effective enclosure integration.

Models and Specifications

Model Card Type Description Diagnostics Optical Options


Motherboard HD Video, Ethernet and Serial Data Multiplexer
Dedicated RS232
LED Header
Bi-directional Single Fiber (Standard); CWDM (Optional); Pressure Tolerant (Optional)
Expansion Cards Composite Video
Serial Data
Speciality Signals
RS232 (via 914-HDE)
LED Header
Shares Optical Bandwidth with 914-HDE
914-HDV2 Media Converter Dual HD Video Media Converter Dedicated RS232
LED Header
CWDM (Standard)
914-CWDM Optical Card CWDM Optics Card, 1471/1491 nm with 1310/1550 nm Bypass, Singlemode None 1310/1550 nm Bypass Port for Easy Upgrade of Existing 1310/1550 nm System
914-CWDM-4R1 Optical Card CWDM Optics Card, 1471-1531 nm, Singlemode, 20 nm Spacing None Optional 1310 nm Bypass Port
914-CWDM-8R Optical Card CWDM Optics Card, 1471-1611 nm, Singlemode, 20 nm Spacing None Optional 1310 nm Bypass Port
914-FOS Optical Card 1x2 Fiber Switch Card, Singlemode None Provides Fiber Optic Switch With Manual or Remote Digital Control (TTL)
914-SPLIT Optical Card 1 x 2 Fiber Splitter Card, Singlemode None Provides Redundant Fiber Operation

Classic Model 914

Classic Model 914 cards have the same convenient form factor, but have reduced expansion capabilities and no software diagnostics. Their low optical data rates make them an ideal solution for legacy multi-mode fiber applications.

Model Description Supported Video Formats Supported Data Formats Ethernet Channels Low Speed Expansion Channels


Video/Data Multiplexer 1 Channel NTSC/PAL
4 Channels RS232/485/422 None 2 Channels
914-EIBS Ethernet Switch Expansion Card None None 2 Channels 10/100 Base-T(X) Requires 1
914-MCS Fast Ethernet Media Converter None None 2 Channels 10/100 Base-T(X) None
914-GBE Gigabit Ethernet Media Converter None None 1 Channel 10/100/1000 Base-T(X) None


Technical Support

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